Christopher W. Spada, President of the Average People, of The United States of America
Agendas 1 -12
The Goal is "To End The Corruption In Washington DC."



CNN, Fox News, CNBC, MSNBC, PBC, ABC, BBC, New York Times, Barack Obama, Clinton, Trump, Rand, Rubio won't report this perspective leading up to the 2020 election.

Agenda 1:

We, "The Average People" will put on the national ballot a law to enact "Taxpayer Funded Elections" for federal elected people. This will cost less than 1/2 of one percent of the total federal budget. (<.05%) Since elected people spend half their time raising money (whoring themselves) to the tune of 4-45 million dollars to be re-elected. I will find the best minds to write this bill. There will be, no more private money given for elections and or PACs.

We, "The Average People" will now have elected officials, not puppets paid by the 85 ITBBs, representing us. The pressure to vote yes on tax loopholes, lowering regulations that lead to a global depression, environmental destruction, enslavement of "The Common People" and out of control spending, to name a few, will be gone. The amount of money spent by "The Average People" to fund these federal elections would be a small fraction, <.05%, compared to finally having honest people vote honestly and not for campaign re-election money.   

Agenda 2:

We, "The Average People" will put on the national ballot a law to enact "TERM LIMITS" for federal elected people.
Every election cycle I hear the wannabes always mention term limits and how they will implement them once in office. The United States of American will never again have 15-20-30-50-60 years of one puppet politician in office. Food for thought. Congress has 2 year terms and the Senate has 6 year terms..  So, a maximum of twelves years for Senate and eight for House. And, if a person wants to jump from one house to the other, they must sit out four years before running for the other house office.  This will allow no elected person to have to many friends to do "CLOSED DOOR DEALS" with.

Agenda 3:

We, "The Average People",  will vote on a national level to stop the "REVOLVING DOOR" of elected puppets becoming lobbyists and then going back to the current President, House and Senate and pushing the 85 ITBBs' agenda by bribing the remaining puppets with campaign contributions and hidden gifts.

Agenda 4:

We, "The Average People" will put on the national ballot a law to enact "A Flat Federal Sales Tax" and do away with taxation a the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as we know it. We are going to bring back "good citizenship", "good corporations for the USA" and "good government" for all. 
How can 50+ corporations (Exxon, MicroSoft, Apple, etc.) make billions in profits and PAY NO FEDERAL INCOME TAX while, you pay more tax on your gross income than these corporations did?

 Agenda 5: 

We, "The Average People", will hold all those in finance, banking and insurance to the highest level of accountability and to the same standards as Bernie Madolf. They will have meaningful fines and be put on trial for fraud and be put in jail. If nothing more than based on "Common Law". Meaning common sense law.

If you study the documentary "House of Cards" by Frontlines, you'll see executives at the highest level committed fraud. To the tune of trillions of dollars. If you or I made an honest mistake for $500.00, we would go to jail for years. These bastards didn't even get fined. They are still some of the wealthiest people in the world.

Agenda 6:

We, "The Average People, will employ the likes of Jack Abramoff, the convicted lobbyist who knows all the scams in lobbying. We will re-write the laws so that lobbyist will no longer, in any way, shape or form offer, give or solicit money to any elected person and or PAC.

Agenda 7:

We, "The Average People", will stop the practice of Corporate and Lobbyist Attorneys from writing bills to be voted on to become law. Congress and or the Office of the President will write the Bills in layman terms for all to understand. If not, there is no bill.

Agenda 8:

We, through you, "The Average People" will gut the first management tier of most federal Agencies. The first tier are the most corrupt. Most are ex-lobbyist, ex-coos, ex-lawyers who fought for these 85 International Tillionaire Bastard's agendas. (85 ITBBs) This first tier management was put in place by the 85 ITBBs, through their "Puppet Elected People". We will find second and third tier employees who see the corruption but were helpless to stop it or blow the whistle.

Agenda 9:

We, "The Average People" will break up all the companies that are "TOO BIG TO FAIl, including The Federal Reserve Bank (which is a private bank) according to these 85 ITBBs.

Common sense question? Why was Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, AIG and so on, "TO BIG TO FAIL" but, after they took trillions of our money, they bought up other companies and became even bigger? Why? Because the 85 ITBBs, who control our elected puppets, told our puppets how it was going to work. Our puppets did what they were told.

If these elected people were not puppets, they would have mandated these companies be broken up as they did with ATT 25 years ago. So, we, The Average People" would be protect from this stripping of our wealth as of 2007 till today.

Agenda 10:

We, "The Average People", will take the prison system out of the hands of private, for profit companies. Companies that have a conflict of interest of rehabilitating and getting people out of prison. These private companies make $55,000.00-$65,000.00 per year, per prisoner.  Think about this. It would be 2/3 the expense to have all prisoners in collages and after four years have good citizen.  These "private prisons" have a built in addiction to keeping people for life, even when it is not warranted. $60,000.00 per year for a 22 year old black, Hispanic or white, time 60 years. Time 900,000 in prison on any given day. That cost is beyond my comprehension. Try doing the math. Your calculator can't.

Agenda 11:

We, "The Average People" would stop using our 18-24 year old sons, daughters, brothers, sisters as the private military, for these  85 ITBBs, to control 60-70% of the worlds resources. Syria, Ukrainian, Afghanistan and so on is nothing more than another world resource power crab for these 85 ITBBs. 

We will remain a world leader in self preservation. We will remain strong militarily. We will not take any shit from anyone. We will, just stop using our young men and women to acquire world resources for these 85 ITBBs.

Agenda 12:

We, "The Average People" will stop funneling money out of this country, to buy the rights, through enslaving other countries in debt and or killings world leads and installing another puppet, to control world resources for these 85 ITBBs to control and drive us further into slavery.

CNN, Fox News, CNBC, MSNBC, PBC, ABC, BBC, New York Times, Barack Obama, Clinton, Rand, Rubio won't report this perspective leading up to the 2020 election.

I thought out and wrote these agendas, as of the day I learned Obama signed the NDAA Act into law. Please web search that law. You will be blown away by what our puppets in DC did to further destroy the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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