Christopher W. Spada, President of the Average People, of The United States of America
Understanding The Hidden Truths
The Goal Is "To End The Corruption in Washington DC."



Understanding Who Is In Charge Of Our Elected People. Who They Take Orders From. It's not "The Average People".

Here is what I know.  There is a pyramid that we are all part of in society. America was founded on this pyramid and one was usually locked into that spot up to the time of the Revolutionary War, The Constitution of The United States and The Bill of Rights were written.  However, with these, we now had a true avenue to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. To move up the pyramid if we were "good citizens", if we played by the rules. Our founding fathers did the best they could and gave us a nation of honor, with safety checks to keep it that way.  The USA was getting better up till 1913 with the formation of "The Federal Reserve" (a private bank) and Personal Income Tax (the IRS).  This one private bank has stripped more wealth from "The Common People" then any other entity. Has caused two major depressions (1929 & 2007) and many unneeded recessions. ALL BY DESIGN.  I encourage you, web search "The Creature From Jekyll Island". This will be the start of understanding how Wash. DC became corrupted  and is now corrupted to the core. How we, "The Common People" don't stand a chance against these "Banksters and Wall Street Gangsters". I am hopping, if you are reading this, you would web search and watch; "The Obama Deception". Again, it's not about Obama. It's about the 1%ers who enslaved us.

The next major event was the assassination of JFK. It is horrifying how easily we, "The Common People" are so easily deceived. JKF was hit by three bullets. One to the front into his throat, one from the front side into his right temple area and one from the rear. Oswell could not have committed this crime. There was an oak tree in the line of fire. Why do you think JFK was assassinated? Web search; "Frame 313 JFK's Assignation"  JFK signed an Executive Order (I think) #1110, a bill / law that was going to change the working of the Federal Reserve Bank and stop the Banksters and Wall Street Gangster from their "Ponzi Scheme". The scheme that caused two "Great Depressions". 1929 & 2007 and countless recessions, striping us of our wealth and making us work longer and harder for less money.

The next major hit happened in the 1970's.  The year Nixon took the USA off the gold standard and elected officials thought they were "above the law".   Another major hit came in the 1980's with massive deregulation with no government protecting "The Common People." It was a "free for all" with industries consolidating under the guise of larger is more cost effective and better for "The Common People". Hogwash. That's the polite word.

The next major hit came with the complete package of a modern day politician. That package being a sociopath, pathological liar and an ego maniac. That major blow came in 1998 when Clinton and the elected puppets were paid off by the "Banksters" and "Wall Street Gangsters" to further deregulate the banking / finance industries, even though they were told a 32 trillion dollar collapse would happen within 10 years and did. Mrs. B. Born predicted it to the exact year and was fired for doing so. View "The Warning" and "House of Cards"by Frontline (. A collapse of the middle class and poor or as I share, the collapse of "The Common People" and further enslavement in the form of debt, working longer hours and in the name of terror.

Then we had the 2000-2008. reckless tax cuts that benefited the 85+ sir names more then any other. Three unjust wars. They call them conflicts, not to be unlawful of "Constitutional Law" that states Congress is the only body who can declare WAR for America. That is why Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama call them conflicts. To avoid being impeached and put in jail.  Ask any veteran who saw combat in Iraq, was the war justified? I would think most would say NO. They would say they were lied to. There were no weapons of mass destruction. Iraq is in worst condition then prior to 2000. However,defense contractors and the likes of Halliburton are billions of dollars richer. All being paid by "The Common People".  Not to mention the killed, the maimed, the 22 veterans per day committing suicide, to the 10's of thousands that are homeless and unemployed.

And now the final blow; 2008 till today. The Ben Shalom Bernanke (The Federal Reserve Chairman) & Barack Hussein Obama (Puppet to the 85+ sir names) printed 2 trillion+ paper dollars. This one act, in conjunction with the above, put an end to the USA as we know it. The printing of 2 trillion+ US dollars, backed by nothing but your social security number (to be able to tax you) may put an end to the USA being the world's only super power and land of opportunity and liberty. Yes, there are thousands of other "back room deals" that contributed to the state of this Republic. However, I mention these because these were the ones most open to view. Yet, the slant from the main stream media, told us our elected people can be trust and know what that they are doing. As they strip your rights, the tell us, you'll be protected. Don't worry.  Your publicly elected people have everything under control. And, they do. Yes. For the 85+ sir names they answer to and who put them in office.

So, who is giving the orders to these elected puppets in Washington D.C. and Chairmen of these private banks to do such acts against "The Common People"? Acts that have stripped away our wealth, our Constitutional rights and have now made us live in fear for the past 80 years.  29-35% interest rates on credit cards. 1200% interest on "PayDay Loans".  That was loan sharking when I was born and people went to jail for usury interest rates of 20%. NO ONE IS REPRESENTING OR PROTECTING "THE AVERAGE PEOPLE" OF THE USA OR THE WORLD. Do you live in fear? Through my studying, a billionaire of the 1930's stated: "We have to have many laws in this country. It is easier to control the people if they live in fear and with many laws we can make all of them criminals." Weather they realize it or not they live in fear. Now I am paraphrasing but, that was and even more so today, the idea. Web search "NDAA" and see how easy it is for all of us the become a criminal, arrested, held indefinably, tortured and even executed. All without a warrant, a judge, a trial, or a our jury of our peers. Who is passing these laws?

Here is my firm belief;  There are 85 SIR NAMES that control 60-70% of all the world resources. The Bush Oil Barrons in Texas, USA are cousins to the Queen of England.  Did you know Bush was "knighted: by the queen? Web search "The Esoteric Agenda". Study it with an open mind, if you dare. These are the hidden people. People that are right out in the open but hidden in plain sight. Web search "The Forbes' Billionaire List". And even deeper then that take a look at the "Royals" from Europe. These are the 85+ sir names, the .05%ers or the oligarch our elected people / puppets represent. OUR ELECTED PEOPLE / PUPPETS DO NOT REPRESENT "THE AVERAGE PEOPLE". AND, WE CAN CHANGE THAT STARTING TODAY.

CNN, Fox News, CNBC, ABC, BBC, New York Times, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Rand, Rubio, etc, will not report this perspective for the upcoming 2016 election.

Understanding that we, "The Average People" (320+ million) have the right and the obligation to make the USA great.

We, "The Common People", must bring the USA back to greatness. It has always been and always will be "The Common People" who have paid the price for this country to be great. It has always been the .05%ers in other empires, that have always tried and succeeded to deprive "The Common People" of our honest rewards until the entire system imploded. Collapsed. Egypt fell from within. Greece fell from within. Rome fell from within. Spain, Portugal, Denmark, France, England all fell from within. Why? Because they all reached world dominance and rulers became totally corrupt from within. Once "The Common People" stood up against the corruption, the country fell as a world leader. Why? Because they did not have what our founding fathers gave us. THE CONSTITUTION of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. That one document can and will save this country. We, "The Common People" have the right and the laws to weed out these totally corrupted elected puppets in Washington D.C.  And I mean ALL OF THEM. The USA is on the verge of imploding and of becoming a third rate country The USA is currently bankrupt. If we, "The Common People", were taxed at 100% of our income, in 15 years, if interest rates go to 6.5%, we will not earn enough gross income to pay what the Federal and State governments need to pay their bills.

What do we do? How can one person make a difference. Like this. We must do this through peaceful elections over the next six election cycles. There are 320+ million of us. 320+ million "Common People". We should stop saying what the .05%ers have trained us to say.  Does any of this sound familiar? "There is nothing we can do to change this mess".  "We're only a small percentage, it'll never change". "It's still the best country in the world so be grateful".  I am not OK with that anymore. Are you? Because there are 320+ million of us, we can make a change for the better.  We don't have to live the life they have designed for us. We don't have to live in fear as they want us to. As they have instilled in us.

The younger "Average People" 18-24.  I know what I was doing. I was told to go to work. That I should work hard and I did. 50-70 hours per week. That was good. The "American Dream" to have a living wage job. I was driving a tractor trailer. To be able to take care of myself. However, I was being sold everything the 1%ers wanted me to think was important for them to drain my disposable income. And they did. They sold me that, being able to buy things to impress the opposite sex was what it was all about. Today they now promote to all sexual orientations. I was sold that, if I drove the right car, drank the right beer, smoked the right cigarette, wore the right clothes....I would be the right man to attract the sexy girl. Think about it. Is it true with you? They have us wired to their will. And they built in hidden fear. Do you remember at that age when a cop pulled behind you? The feelings that went through your body.

The young "Average People" 25-40. I know what I was doing. I was working to build a successful career in sales, grow my income and be a "good citizen".  I was being sold, that if I worked hard, saved my money and built my credit, I, too, would live the "American Dream". So, I worked 50-90 per week. I advanced in my career. I changed careers for an improved "American Dream". Worked six, sometimes seven, days to learn the business and become a proven professional. And it all made sense. This was the "American Dream" our founding fathers perceived. Be a "good citizen". Contribute to the greater good. Strive to become better. Pay your taxes and don't ask questions. Your elected people are smarter then you. They will spend your money wisely. And I did all of that and believed what the 1%ers were selling me and everyone I knew. And I still lived in fear. In fear of loosing my job. In fear of not being able to pay my bills. In fear of no healthcare. It was a hidden fear. One that never showed. One that was in my sub conscience. Why? Because I was a man's man. I didn't fear anything. My father never showed fear. I knew I could always provide and excel. No matter what happened. I lived in America. The greatest country in the world. The land of opportunity.

The mid life "Average People" 41-51.  I know what I was doing.  I reached another level of the "American Dream". The long awaited opportunity of a life time crossed my path and I had everything in place to move on it. I had my health. I had 9 years of industry knowledge. I had saving. I had a substantial line of credit. I have been paying on two homes for over fifteen years and had equity. I believed in the "American Dream". I believed in the USA. I believed in our elected people to be representing me and would protect my basic needs of a "fair society". I acted on the opportunity. I worked 80-100 per week for the first year. I slept on the office sofa many nights. I learned about phone systems, leases, hiring, payroll, six different business insurances, state regulations, federal regulations and so much more. Spent over $60,000.00 and showed a $35,000.00 lost my first year as a business owner. Not to mention working 80-100 a week and my loss of income from the previous year, to the tune of $160,000.00. But, this was it. This was the "American Dream". Push yourself. Be true to yourself, your family and your country. Be progressive. Take calculated risks, work like two and a half people and you, too, may achieve the "American Dream". And I did. Within two years we were making money. Within three years I was making as much as I was making as a 1099 contractor. And the next three and a half year I was earning more then when I was a 1099 contractor. Yes, I was on the line for 3.5 million dollars of debt but, the "American Dream" was a reality. I received $80.00 per week for my first job at age 13 and now at age 49, I was enjoying 36 years of work. Of living the "American Dream". I was grateful to my God, to my family, to my country.

And then in 2007 everything imploded. 52 closing scheduled for August of 2007. We would normally close 49-51 of those. We closed 12. I was prepared for a normal two year recession. I had two years worth of cash/credit to carry us through. What I didn't know. The 1%ers had planned a 8 year global depression, followed by a 3 year stabilization before letting the economy expand again. Only at an inflated rate to push us further into a slave class.

Basically, 40 years living a life the 1%ers sold me on. They sold me on "THE AMERICAN DREAM", OF BEING A "GOOD CITIZEN" and all would be good. Please, understand, I have had many set backs along the way. Just as you. I have been lied to in business and lost 10's of thousands. I have had sickness and deaths of family members. I have been fired from companies after exceeding their expectations. I have had employees steal from me. I have been suited numerous times and all but one, had been settled out of court or the plaintiff was a no show. The insurance company stated it was less expensive to settle then to win the case in court, even though we know this is a bogus claim.  But this was America. This was the "American Dream". That good would prevail. I believed it. I breathed it. I slept with it. I endorsed it. I preached it.

And like you, no matter what age, 18-98, the reality is, the system is rigged for the 1% to gain more and for us, "The Common People" to be further enslaved. There never was an "American Dream" for the past 50 or so years. Our elected offices, at every level, were being infiltrated by the 1%ers. at first, very, very quietly. Campaign funding to the lead decision makers. Then to 28, then to 108, then to 408 of our supposed elected people who were supposed to represent "The Common People". And here we are today. The United States of America has the best government money can buy. Please web search; "The Best Government Money Can Buy" and you'll see; there is no "American Dream" for "The Common People". 

Quick fact; Did you know that 90%+ of every bill / law is not thought of or written of by our elected people.  You should know that 90%+ of every bill / law is thought of or written by corporation's law departments and or lobbyist to increase profits. And here is the problem with the USA as of the past 80 years and is continuing.

Here is were the corruption started and here is were it will end if we, "The Common People" don't put a stop to the 1%ers getting "The Best Government Money Can Buy". If you watch this documentary you will understand why we, "The Common People" have no representation.

This is why we, "The Common People" need to put all of the main stream media to the side. We need to stop listening to the propaganda of who is right to lead the country. Clinton's campaign is going to be how she and Bill ran the White House and had a budget surplus. That is a lie. She going to tell you how she was a Senator and knows how the house works. How she traveled the world and knows the problems of the world and she, alone, can solve them. Hogwash. She is an egomaniac, sociopath and pathological liar. She, too, is more about being the first female president, then doing the right thing for "THE COMMON PEOPLE" of American.

CNN, Fox News, CNBC, MSNBC, PBC, ABC, BBC, New York Times, Barack Obama, Clinton, Rand, Rubio won't report this perspective leading up to the 2020 election.

Oliver North took the fall for Regan. US Troops took the fall for Bush in Kuwait.  Mr. Vince Foster, Clinton's head of legal in Arkansas and while in The White House, was executed before he could blow the whistle on the Clinton's. Web search his death. Foster took the fall for the Clinton's, for the Clintons , from my opinion, were frighten Foster was going to bring them down. The 3500+ US Citizens took the fall for Bush2 on 9-11.

2 billion dollars in missing funds to Pakistan and 22 US veterans committing suicide per day, take the fall for Johnson, Nixon, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama and now Trump.

These people, the last six presidents, are about perceived power, money and fame, while destroying America from within. I hold them in contempt. Just think logically, if these elected puppets were honest, America would still offer "The American Dream". Today, I hear people saying that they lost their job, their home, their saving. That they are working for slave wages and are in fear of tomorrow. EXACTLY WERE THE 85 ITBBs WANT US.

We can take our country back, peacefully, through elections but we need to do it by 2020 or all is lost.

Example: I believe we should have a "National Health Care".  I have been without health insurance for the past four years.  However, the bill that was passed was over 3400 pages of regulations written by the "HealthCare Industries' Lawyers and Lobbyist. 

No elected puppet in Washington D.C. had no idea of what was in that bill / law. How could they? It was written by the healthcare industry to do one thing, increase profits for them.

I assure you, our quality of healthcare will decline for "The Common People" and only the "super elite" will be able to pay for the best medical treatments moving forward.

Understanding That We, "The Average People" have the right to vote on laws and not just the Elected Puppets.

Once elected President of "The Average People" of The United States of America and all other elected puppets were voted out in 2016. We will have sent a shock waves throughout the world. We will put the 70+ sir names on notice that; "The Common People" are now in control of our own destiny, The United States of America and the God given gift our forefathers had given us. The Constitution of The United States and The Bill of Rights. And we did this in a peaceful manner as our forefathers had set up.

It is my understanding that; bills to be voted on to become law, can be put on a national ballot. If 2/3s of the states vote "YEA" the bill becomes law. This is how we can over-ride any deadlocks or our politicians voting to serve the 1%ers or themselves, instead of the people they are suppose to represent.  I believe the elected puppets of 1913 put the "Person Income Tax Bill" on a national ballot. All of those puppets knew if they voted for a "personal income tax" on "The Common People", their political career would be over. 

I further understand that, the "personal income tax bill" never reached 2/3s of the states voting YEA. And yet, these 70+ sir names still had enough puppets in federal offices to implement this illegal tax. This is were and how we will take our country back. You, "The Common People", just vote these puppets out so, the 70+ sir names no longer have a strangle hold in Wash. DC.

I will have some of the most honorable people in my cabinets. I will have several that were shamed in the past and now want to make good moving forward in some of my cabinets. I will share my thoughts on these people as I continue laying out my Presidential Agenda.

I wrote these agendas as of the day I learned Obama signed the NDAA Act into law. Please web search that law. You will be blown away by what our puppets in DC did to further destroy the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
   If you made it this far you are a true patriot with a better understanding of the system you are in. We, "The Common People", must take our country back from the 70+ sir names.  All monies received will be considered a gift and used for the purpose of getting this started. All monies received will be considered a "GIFT" till such time a campaign manager and an attorney have filed documents to receive campaign contributions. Any monies not used for this purpose will be gifted to homeless shelters who help Veterans in need. We feel that $25.00 to $75.00 from "The Common People" will be enough to take our country back from the 70+ sir names that currently control the elected puppets in Washington D.C. Do it now. Send your gift now and be part of "THE GREATEST, PEACEFUL REVOLUTION THE WORLD WILL EVER WITNESS". DO IT NOW.....DO YOUR PART AS A UNITED STATES CITIZEN. $3-$500  will not change your lifestyle in the least however, $25-$75 to this cause will change your and your children's lives for the next 100 years. This is our one and only chance to take our country back. Otherwise, we will be forever enslaved, working in a system designed for us to fail and enslave us through debt and inflation.  Click on the PayPal button now and be part of the greatest revolution this world will ever witness. Do it now. This may be our last chance to save "The Constitution of The United States of America" and "The Bill of Rights".
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