Christopher W. Spada, President of the Average People, of The United States of America
Getting Started
The Goal is "To End The Corruption In Washington DC.


What is the best way to cover up a conspiracy? By making the conspiracy so impossible to believe to be true that, whoever questions what main stream media (the supposed experts) says is the one who should be discarded and made to look like a fool.

And that is exactly what the 85 ITBBs have done.  I challenge you to look, with an open mind, at any of my referenced information and decide for yourself. We have been lied to and we need to do our fact finding.

Let me explain myself.  I have no false hopes. I have hope that we, "The Average People" come to understand the true underlying reasons why we are in the sorry state we are in. It is not all the reasons we have been feed by main street media. They and the 85 ITBBs are all working together to divide and conquer us, "The Average People". I have taken the time (5,300+ hours as of 6/28/2014) and God has given me the ability to understand what I have found. The system we, "The Average People", live in is designed to mislead, misinform and enslave us to their will. If you will just take one to six hours and look at any of this information you, too, may come to realize we are living a life the 70+ sir names have chosen for us, by default. Sounds to far out there, right? Well, read on if you dare. Or, as Alice In Wonderland; "How far down the rabbit whole do you want to go."

I have for the past four years studied why I failed, after 40 years of work. I lived the American Dream of successes and failures and succeeding a bit more. Why did I loose everything and am on the verge of being jailed?  I have studied my career industries, my business practices, studied investing, studied the "American Dream", The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, "The Creature From Jekyll Island. Studied, "The Warning", The House of Cards", "9-11 Search For The Truth".

I've studied; "Loose change",  "Bush's War", "Obama's War", " We're Not Broke", "The Esoteric Agenda". I studied the economic cycles. I studied "Skinny Bitch", "The Roaring 2000's", "Good To Great", "The Four Agreements", "The Bible", "The Torah". I studied "Mohammad".  



He like the all the Presidents back to Johnson   who were and are puppets. The last "True American President" was JFK, in my opinion. That is why JFK was assassinated.  "The Obama Deception"  IS ABOUT US, "THE AVERAGE PEOPLE" BEING SET UP TO FAIL. SET UP TO BE ENSLAVED. THIS ONE FAVOR I ASK OF YOU; watch at least this one documentary. After you do, you can decide if you want to help bring the USA to greatness. Or, like all other great societies, you can look the other way till you find yourself living in complete slavery and wonder how it happened. 

It is all true and you and your children can either help or let the USA default into a third world status. If you help, we can take back our country through peaceful elections.

CNN, Fox News, CNBC, MSNBC, PBC, ABC, BBC, New York Times, Barack Obama, Clinton, Rand, Rubio won't report this perspective leading up to the 2016 election.

I have no delusions of the task at hand. If I become the President of the "Average People", of The United States of America it will be a shear miracle. It will be because you, THE AVERAGE PEOPLE of THE UNITED STATES.

A high school educated, truck driver turned small business owner. I have worked 70-90 hours a week at times. Ex Rotary Chapter President, Ex Boy Scout Den leader, I am a Free Mason. Progressed in my chosen careers.  Raised one child and am raising another, to be "good citizens". I adopted one and love both as my very own.

I have been raised by first generation Italians who instilled in me what it meant to be a "GOOD CITIZEN". To become educated. Self taught could be best. To strive to become better. To challenge myself beyond being comfortable. To contribute to the greater good. To protect those who can't protect themselves. With fifteen sibling, these were some of the many values we were taught.  I have been almost destitute in 1982, 1992 & 2007.  I owe the IRS $70,000.00, so they say.  I drink on occasion, smoked marijuana and inhaled, had been falsely accused of assault and there is more they can dig up, I am sure.

But I do know this, no matter how bad my worst offense, that I have committed to myself, our country or the world, I would be as a child making an honest mistake compared to our current and past elected "puppet" federal elected people. For what these Federal Elected Puppets have done and are doing to you and I, "The Average People" of The United States, to our country and to the world at large is horrifying. They have enslaved us in debt and stripped our rights away in the USA and around the world. Who did this? The 85+ ITBBs that control 40-60% of the world's resources and fund the elections for their chosen puppets, who have sold their souls to the highest bidder.

I have not dreamed, as the Bush's, as Bill and Hilary Clinton, as Obama, Trump did and now the next heard of wannabes, did and do; to be the President of the United States.

To push a "One World Government". Some have dreamed this since high school. I do not yearn to go down in history as the first Italian, like the first father - son team (The Bushes and now a second son.), the first "husband and wife" or the first black to hold the office of the Presidency. I did not dream untold wealth as our last six Presidents have.

I did not wonder how I could "get mine" for my family and my business partners. I did not ever think it possible to be the President of The United States as all these ego maniacs, pathological liars and sociopaths do and did....until now. You know how bad Washington DC is being ran. You know we need people like you and I to take it back from the 85 ITBBs.

These 85 ITBBs, International Trillionaire / Billionaire Bastards, have already chosen the next President. They have the consultants, political bosses, media and the billion dollars ready to go. They have set the stage. The women vote, idealist vote, young vote are all being emotionally molded. The opponent will be a substandard man or woman as they had with McCain against Obama, Clinton against Trump. All being substandard.

Once in office, they will follow the instructions given to her by the 85 ITBBs as the last six puppets have done. Like the last six, they will be groomed to be the best actors and actress to fool us all into the 85 ITBBS agendas. Even Trump better than the ever hoped for. He is well beyond the level of entertainment as more laws are being passed to benefit the 85 ITBBs.

CNN, Fox News, CNBC, ABC, BBC, New York Times, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Trump, Rand, Rubio, etc, will not report this perspective.

What had happened was this. I was financially forced to close my business' in 2011. Even though I had two years reserves to carry the business through a normal recession,2007-2009, which I knew was coming. 2010 was the year of no return to profitability. I did everything right and even so, the Banksters and Wall Street gangster's with the help of our Federal Elected Puppets, crushed my company and tens of millions of others. I took the summer off with my non-biological daughter.

I was soul searching. I was looking for reasons why I had failed. Failed my God. Failed myself. Failed my family. Failed my country. Failed my friends and work associates.  What I found was; It wasn't me who failed. It was the system I was in that set me up to fail. Just like the other 90% who failed and the 9% who lost tremendous wealth but was able to stay afloat.

This is, a short list, of what I found. Documentaries such as; "The Warning" and "House of Cards" by Frontline.  Those lead to "The Creature From Jekyll Island and "Maxed Out".

Which lead to; Bush's War, Obama's War, Loose Change, 911- Search for the Truth", Frame 313; The JFK Assassination Theories". Which lead to to "The Story of Your Enslavement".

Which lead to Gas Land, Gas Hole, A Crude Awakening. Which lead to "The Best Government Money Can Buy", "The Esoteric Agenda",  "An Inconvenient Tax", "Speaking Freely: Vol. 3 Ray McGovern, "Koch Brothers Exposed" The Koch Brothers fund "The Tea Party" and many other PACs.

Which lead to; WalMart, "The High Cost of Low Prices", "We're Not Broke", "Killer at Large: Why Obesity, Frankensteer and another 40 or so. The most concise being; The Obama Deception". Keeping in mind, this documentary is not about Obama.  It is about the 85 ITBBs that have controlled all our presidents after J.F. Kennedy. They couldn't control him or his brother so, they killed them.

Not only did I watch this information, I studied it and crossed referenced it.  Hours on end. 8,600 as of August 20 2017. Over and over I studied these facts.

Why? Because all this seemed to be unreal. It all seemed impossible for our great country to have had been corrupted to the point imploding. To the point of yet another great empire, the salvation of the world's population, crumbling to a third rate country. None of this made any sense. Our elected people can't be this far gone, be this corrupt.

Then it all made sense. The corruption dove tails into the other actions and dove tails into the other and the other and there is no end. And the reality is, Washington D.C. IS THE MOST CORRUPT place in the world.

And, YES WE ARE ON THE VERGE OF IMPLODING AS A COUNTRY. AS THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD, BEING EXTINGUISHED AS A SAFE HAVEN. And, YES OUR ELECTED PEOPLE ARE CORRUPT TO THE CORE. As of 6/26/2014, the only ones I have any admiration for is BERNIE SANDERS, VT., THE EX PUBLIC OFFICIAL DENNIS KUCINCH, DR. RON PAUL HOWEVER, NOT HIS SON. Rep. Darrel Issa and Rep. Dennis Kucinich but, even they have had to sell parts of their souls to keep their elected offices.

This is why I ask you, web search any of the above. With an open mind, view one and then another.  Then ask yourself, is it possible?  Not the corruption you will be educated on but, is it possible for the "AVERAGE PEOPLE" to stop this ongoing corruption?

Possible solutions I had found was "Ethos; The Movie and "Zeitgeist The Movie", Zeitgeist Addendum and Zeitgeist Moving Forward. But what could I do? WHAT COULD AN AVERAGE CITIZEN DO? NOTHING....ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Go back to a slave job and hope to die with some dignity.

So, on or about 12/22/2012 I was watching RTtv. channel 35 in the Philadelphia area, Tom Hartman is stating how a bill is before Congress.

The NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act).  How under this bill, if made law, would allow the military to invade a US citizen's home, arrest anyone in that home, jail them, interrogate (torture) them, hold them indefinitely and or execute them. All this with no judge, warrants or jury involved.

And I thought, NO WAY would our federal elected people even consider such a law. Didn't even think about it again.......until 1/4/2013.

Tom Hartman on RTtv says, look what happened on 12/31/2012 and he shows a clip of Obama in front of the cameras justifying why he felt "compelled" to make this bill law, even though this law infringed on voiding, (actually wiped out), The Constitution, The Constitutional Rights of Americans and The Bill of Rights. 

With a stroke of a pen, our  Federal Elected people stripped away all of our rights under The Constitution of The United States of America and our "Bill of Rights" with passing the NDAA.  Please, take my words and information and do just a little cross referencing of your own......take a look for yourself.  Web search  NDAA or any other reference I make on any on these matters. You will find these are all factual.

CNN, Fox News, CNBC, MSNBC, PBC, ABC, BBC, New York Times, Barack Obama, Clinton, Trump, Rand, Rubio won't report this perspective leading up to the 2016 election.

I turned the TV off, went to my home office. In twenty minutes I wrote my Presidential Agendas for us, "The AVERAGE People" of The United States.
  These agendas will not solve the world's problems however, it will bring the USA to the highest point in history, better protect us. "The Average People of the USA and the world.

 We have a game plan and we seek your help.  Your help to turn this country back on course to greatness for "The Average People" and our children's children.  It is not the wealthy we need to deal with. It is the 85 ITBBs plus another 50 or so, the "super elite", the oligarch that control 40-60% of the world's power, resources, teaching institutions and the eight world-wide cartels. 

These are the hidden people that cause the hardships of the world. Not the perceived "wealthy".  The ones who work 60-90 hours a week. The ones that put all they have on the line to open a business.

The ones who work 50 years, saved and built a sizable retirement. These are the "True Americans", the Average Americans and they should not be punished for doing well. These are "The Average People" who need to be protected from the 85 ITBBs, Wall Street Gangsters and Banksters, super elite. The .05%ers. The eight worldwide cartels they control.

We can and will do this through peaceful elections. Through peaceful dialogue. Through peaceful shifts of power from these 85 ITBBs, "super elite", the ,05%ers, the oligarch to "The Average People". 

How do the Banksters  and Wall Street get $2,000,000,000,000.00+ (2 Trillion+) to stay in business and buy up more business at fire sale prices? They put it all on red one to many times and lost it all. Then we are told, they are "to big to fail".  Once they get your taxpayer bailout they go buy other companies and get even bigger?

While tens of millions of average people are forced from their homes, tens of millions of common people loose their jobs, tens of millions of average people lost 32 trillion dollars of wealth. While, tens of millions of The Average People have been brushed aside as, third rate citizens who have no voice, have no representation and have no future. There is no American Dream for them, for us or our children.



This designed "Global Depression" accomplished what it was meant to accomplish.

Strip wealth from the world's average people and propel that wealth upward once again to the "super elite", the85 ITBBs, the 70+ sir names. To the oligarch. To the eight cartels that control 40-60% of the world's resources / wealth and grow to the slave class.

If you study "The Creature From Jekyll Island" ( you'll have an understanding of why and how this all happens, over and over again.  It is by design.

CNN, Fox News, CNBC, ABC, BBC, New York Times, MSNBC, PBC, Rand, Rubio, Clinton, Today, Barack Obama, Trump, won't report this perspective.

 We will begin to share an agenda that will work and will take the power out of the hands of the few, the super elite, the .005%ers, the 85 ITBBs and give it back to "The Average People". We will do this peacefully through the next six election cycles. 

It has always been started with the few, that has changed the world. The decision is ours. Do we help each other get these 12 Presidential Agendas implemented or do we let the 85 ITBBs finish enslaving us.

It just dawned on me, I have to have a disclosure. God forbid I implement my 1st Amendment Rights without a disclosure.

All the content in and on this website are my opinion and my opinion alone. Including words I use to describe, adjectives I use, etc. in reference to any and all people individually or as a group. I am exercising my 1st Amendment Right to give my honest opinion and observations of the way I interpret the world and people in it. 

My opinions of who are ego maniacs, sociopaths, pathological liars and so forth  are just that: MY OPINION. However, everything I reference is based on 5,600+ hours, as of 10/16/2014, of study and cross referencing and I believe / know to be 100% true.

Ego maniac: Obsessive per-occupation of self.  A person who believes that he/she deserves more privileges then others for "they are entitled" and for no other reason. That because of this belief, an ego maniac will lie, cheat and steal to get this privileges. Privileges to include but not limited to everything and every aspect of life.

Sociopath: An individual that knows, understands and is capable of living to society's acceptable norms however cares nothing about people and or acceptable behavior. Such as: You respect your elders. You don't hit a women. You don't take unfair advantage of others. You do the right thing. You don't lie. You're impeccable with your word. You do your best and so on. However, a sociopath cares about none of society's norms and will lie, cheat, steal to take unfair advantage for ill gotten gain and or ill gotten glory.

Pathological Liar; A person who lies for one of two reasons. 1: To avoid conflict and keep the peace. Example: Mother comes home from third shift and gets the kids up for school. Mother asks, "Did father come home drunk?" Kids lie and say no even though he did. Why? Kids don't want another fight in house. Or an elected federal person tells troops to stand down and four Americans are killed. Federal elected people tell US citizens it was a planned terrorist attack and we could not have stopped it if we tried. Why; To try not to be impeached or jailed and further control the average people.

2: To take unfair advantage of another or others. You have your own real life examples. Think of your current local federal elected person.  Or, to tell 320+ "Average People; " if we don't give the 85 ITBBs  a trillion+ dollars to save their companies, you, "The Average People" will suffer even more then you are now. And so, the 85 ITBBs got their trillion+ dollars of your money to stay in power and drive you deeper into the slave class.

Political Bastard: An elected person / puppet who has no loyalty to a country or nation and or "The Average People" of that country or nation. Further, one who is interested in following instruction of the 85 ITBBs, retaining and growing political power (re-election) and personal wealth. One who will sacrifice the many for the few.

85 ITBBs/ .oo5%ers; The 85 people who make up the core group of the "Bilderberg Group" plus the 50+ sir names who come in as consultants or experts, as needed, on how to promote the agendas of a "super elite" to control of the average people and the world resources.

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